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I cant go on like this


Well, this is it. I love you so much. Even though I’ve put myself through hell wishing for you, I’m still so grateful to have you in my life in any capacity. Even when I felt the loneliest, in a sense I still found comfort in the fact that I was paining over someone as amazing as you. I wont stop loving you for a long time but from this moment forward, I will work to leave this part of my life behind. For better or worse, You’re an inspiration. For well over a year you’ve been the first person I think about when Wake up in the morning, and the last person I think of when I fall asleep at night. There’s a reason for that. I love you so fucking much, but it’s over.

Clear for liftoff. 

Clear for liftoff. 

Don’t get me me wrong, I’m thankful for the basics. Aside from that however, I seem to need new everything.

Too much bullshit at once. I need to go to the gym. 

I’m all for positive, but positive doesn’t change facts. It doesn’t change the need to be prepared.

Breaking Bad

I haven’t met anyone decent in over a year.

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You can’t heal an essentially internal problem by trying to subdue the external behaviors.

Stay Free

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I cannot fucking believe two people I thought to be friends could ever be so rude. Wow..
People are shit. I’ve decided I’m just going to live alone and get a bad ass dog.